At the Outdoor Exchange our members have access to high quality gear for an amazingly affordable fee.

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On a sunny day back in September 2010, a few of us decided that we wanted to take a fly-fishing trip...

We quickly realized that it would cost close to $750 just to get in the water. There had to be a better way. The next summer Dariusz purchased a kayak for his family that they enjoyed tremendously. When they spoke to friends and family about their adventures there was universal interest but two questions that kept popping up. Where can you go kayaking in North Jersey? How much did the kayak cost?

Reserve. Relish. Return. Repeat. Spend Less. Do More.

Unlike traditional retail and rental markets the OX provides members with unlimited lending opportunities throughout the year while avoiding the high costs associated with purchasing, storing, and maintaining the products. We strive to provide our members with the resources to inspire, plan and execute their next amazing adventure; whether it be a daytrip going kayaking in the closest pond or the adventure of a lifetime climbing Mt Rainier.


How big is your catalog?

Extensive! We offer kayak rentals, canoe rentals, tent rentals, camping gear rentals, bike rentals, stand up paddle boards, bouncy houses, etc. We started out with approximately 100 products spanning across many, many categories. As our membership grows we will be refining the products we offer so we have exactly what you want, exactly when you want it. We also closely watch the new sports and activities which are becoming popular so you can try them first! Check out our full catalog.

Where do I pick up the gear?

Our warehouse is located at 4-31 Wagaraw Road in Fair Lawn, New Jersey 07410.

But New Jersey is so far away from me?

We understand. Keep in mind, we're just getting started! We are identifying best locations for additional warehouses and bringing on affiliates. Soon there should be an OX shop near you!

Can the OX drop off a kayak or bike at a lake or a trail for me?


How long is a rental period?

Enjoy your rentals for a full week.

What if I want to rent a kayak, canoe, or a bike, but I don't have a rack on my car?

Not a problem! You can rent a collapsible kayak or we'll outfit your car with an inflatable roof rack. Both super cool!

Do you have gear for kids?

We sure do!

How many items can I reserve at a time?

You can reserve as many items as you need for your outdoor adventure. The most expensive item is included in your membership fee; additional items have a rental fee of about 20% of the items’ MSRP.

What's the membership fee?

We have a very simple fee structure:

  • Base Annual Membership - $200
  • "Twice as Nice" Membership - $350
  • Outdoor Enthusiast Membership - $500

All memberships are billed annually.

Are trial memberships available?

Yes! Like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our events. Throughout the year watch for our demo days where you can come to try the gear.

Can you ship the gear?

We can ship most of our gear within the contiguous U.S. Some items (large or heavy ones) are not shippable. However, the majority of our inventory can be shipped.

How much is shipping?

We are able to ship most items and are currently offering two shipping options.

  • Flat rate shipping of $25 per order. This includes return shipping as well.
  • Free shipping at $99 per year. This includes return shipping as well.

What ships?

We are able to ship most items. Oversized and heavy stuff simply has to be picked up. But wait, we have alternatives! So while a regular kayak is too large, we have fold able kayaks. We also have blow up stand up paddle boards. Unfortunately we can't send you that bouncy house for the week.

We realize that shipping outdoor gear is not the ideal solution. We are working as fast as we can to expand our network to include affiliate partnerships and additional warehouses.

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